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Christian Links

The Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth
(website which features this set published by Baker Books)
Way of Life Literature
(Brother David Cloud's Fundamental site)

Just for Catholics
(website that evangelizes those of the Catholic persuasion)

Truckers' Christian Chapel Ministries
(Chapel on 18 wheels!)
Baptist Missions to Forgotten People
(website with an emphasis on those usually missed by most missionaries)
Randy Taylor Revival Ministries
(A new generation building on the Old Foundation)
Dr. Phil Kidd
(Loved By Some, Hated By Many, Known By All)

Church History
The Hall of Church History
(Theology From a Bunch of Dead Guys)

Faith Music Missions
(Most Trusted Name in Conservative Traditional Gospel Music)

The Spurgeon Archive
(Just what you would think...sermons by Charles Haddon Spurgeon)
Billy Sunday Sermons Online
(Sermons, audio & images)
The Jack Hyles Website
(Sermons, books, etc)

(an independent Baptist Web Magazine)
Dial the Truth Ministries
(Presenting the truth and exposing the error with the light of the KJB)

The Fundamental Truth
(Fundamental, Independent Baptist, KJV Resources)
(A Free Press For a Free People)
Revival Fires!
(Evangelist Dennis Corle, Publisher)
The Gospel Web
(Sending the Gospel Around the World 24/7)

(Listen to sermons preached by some great stalwarts of the faith)

Schools - Colleges
Baptist City
(A Hyles-Anderson/First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN related website)
Hyles-Anderson College
(Official website for Hyles-Anderson)
Commonwealth Baptist College
(A ministry of Clays Mill Road Baptist Church of Lexington, KY)

Bible Software
OnlineBible ME
(Free Bible Software, plus many free downloads)

(Free Bible Software, plus free downloads)
Free Bible Software
(Free Logos-Libronix Bible Software)
Audio Bible
(Listen to Alexander Scourby read the King James Bible)